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Image of wire productsGall Machine Company offers a range of high-quality wire forming, plating, and surface treatment services that can fulfill all your requirements in one place. Our modern facility is equipped with the latest wire-forming equipment and a wide range of raw materials to cater to a diverse clientele. We guarantee the highest quality and cost-effectiveness, making us the ideal choice for all your needs.

Why Gall Machine?

One-Stop Solution: If we are unable to complete your job in-house, our extensive network of relationships with premier metal and plastic machining shops in Chicagoland is available to you.

Cost-Effectiveness: Due to our minimal overhead costs, we are able to offer highly competitive prices.

Consistent Quality: Our team members are trained to prioritize quality through material inspection, first piece approval, auditing, final piece approval, and material traceability.

Quick Turnaround: Our team members are trained on all machines, which enables us to offer a flexible and quick turnaround for parts. In situations where tight deadlines or emergency orders arise, we can even pull office members to operate the machines.

Accessible Communication: Experience quick and straightforward communication that ensures you are always well-informed and up-to-date.

Customizability: Get customized solutions that match your specific requirements and specifications.

Compatible Materials: To achieve the best possible outcome, it is important to use materials and production processes that work well together. This ensures compatibility between different solutions and helps to optimize the results.

Lowered Risk: By centralizing the production process, you can minimize the risk of losses and damages and save both time and money.

Holistic Expertise: If we are unable to perform the task ourselves, we will locate a dependable individual or organization who can.

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