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About Us


Our modern facility houses a wide variety of raw materials along with up-to-date wire forming equipment to meet the needs of a wide range of clientele.

Quality Control

A comprehensive quality control program is the nucleus of Gall Machine Company’s production process. Our inspection equipment is staffed by quality personnel. Parts are continuously monitored throughout all stages of production to insure close tolerances meet customer specifications. Our main objective is to meet our customers’ requirements at all times, while reaching to exceed them whenever possible.

We follow the guidelines of ISO 9001.


Our product is used in variety of applications from lawn and garden, control rods for heating mechanisms, hinge pins for numerous applications as well as joining and pivot pins, furniture supports and point of purchase displays. These applications just touch the surface of areas in which are product is found.

Customer Support

Our customer support team provides overall assistance to insure that high quality parts are designed, tooled and delivered in the most cost efficient manner. We are known for our superior customer service with high quality product.